Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The annual Liming ski trip held at the “Centre Plein Air L’Étincellein the Lanaudiere area was a breath of fresh air. In spite of a snow storm that hit us on that Friday, we all had a fabulous time. We took advantage of the snow fall to fully enjoy the outdoor activities as well as take gorgeous pictures of the scenery.

Unlike last year, it was an all-inclusive ski trip which ended on Sunday afternoon with the traditional sugar shack party. After enjoying such a delicious and heavy meal, we had no choice than to rush to the dance floor to burn off some calories.

To my opinion, the highlight of this ski trip was the indoor activities put together by our G.O. Mr. Tony. It started on Saturday afternoon with a pastry contest when some volunteers with the help of their supporting team showed his/her individual talent . I had fun watching those busy bees having a blast. A panel of experts was selected to judge our contestants and the prize was awarded to the traditional Mauritian pastry ‘gateau coco’. I believe that all the contestants did an excellent job and deserve a big applause for their participation and effort. As for the rest of us food lovers, our treat was to enjoy the yummy left-over.

The second part of the evening, a fashion show contest was tailored for the more daring. The theme of the runway show was: “Create a cool outfit from old outdated clothes and accessories”. There were two groups of participants: the Young and the Restless. During the practice show, Tony demonstrated the runway walk and with his help and patience, we were able to customize the perfect moves and poses to show off our cool outfits and accessories.

The Young were amazing; they were the stars of the night. They definitely showed a lot of personality, we could hear the claps from the crowd; see huge smiles on the faces of the proud parents as their children walked down the runway with the perfect moves. As for the Restless, I amongst others could not remember the runway walk, it must have been Alzheimer or nervousness, but luckily, we were able to use our imagination. As the show started, we could see snaps of photos, hear lots of laugh, as we sashayed, twirled, and strut to the music and lights at the greatest fashion show ever. We were all winners that evening, relieved that it was over but happy to have participated to that event.

At the end of the ski trip, I am sure we all brought home wonderful memories to share with our peers. Some made new friends, some did a sport for the first time, some discovered a new talent and might quit their day job, but most importantly, we came back with a smile on our face and looking forward for the next one. Stay tuned……

On behalf of all G.Ms, congratulations Tony and G.O. team for an awesome job and woah Dominique great job for the group picture.


Lisette Wong Keet